Literature Review: What You Need to Know About Research Proposal


Understanding Your Research Proposal: 5 Key Sections

A research proposal is a document designed to generate interest among readers. It should show that you are knowledgeable about the topic at hand and that you are either willing or able to conduct research on it. Therefore, it helps to outline your research to make it convincing. However, there may be a lot of work to take into account before you conduct research.

This article will help you know what to include in a research proposal to enable you to make it stand out. Read on to learn the essential elements that you need to cover.

Cover Page

A standard cover page should contain the author’s full name, the area the proposal is being posted to, the date, and the city. Be keen to include your domain, publication year, and title. Ensure that the information is accurate and complete. Here is how you should format the page:

  • Highlight your work title and state the title of the literature review for the proposal.
  • State the title of the research problems you wish to address in the proposal.
  • State the challenges you intend to solve with the research methods.
  • State the number of pages in the research proposal.
  • Describe your methods of collecting data for the paper.
  • List all the available data relevant to the current research problem, which might include keywords.
  • List the key words if the available data is in a digital format.
  • Describe the solutions you want to propose and why they are vital to solving the research problem.

H2: Data Collection Methods

Here, ensure that you use methods that will not compromise the originality of your work. After all, there is more to the proposal than merely data collection. Include the approaches you are proposing in the methodology section. The methods should be appropriate, since the research process will change with the collected data.

Do not make a mistake when specifying which research method to use. Different methods will yield different results in the research. Be specific, and write down the approaches that you prefer. Include details such as how often you will be utilizing the methods, and if you will use experimental procedures. If there are types of searches you want to make, describe them in the subsections.

The Approach to be Used

Describe the approach that you intend to use in the study, and you can give the guidelines that the students and you will follow. As much as you want your research to be a more detailed explanation, ensure that you follow the academic level of the students, and the number of pages required for the research to be complete. This section can easily be ignored, but it is essential for anyone planning to conduct research.

Eliminate unnecessary details such as the particular lighting or methods of lighting your research materials. Finally, in the last section of the proposal, include your deadline for the research. It would also be best if you used a subject sentence, because doing so is a sure way of making the reader take the proposal seriously.

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