How to write an essay in English?


Downloading is a reprehensible act, especially in Anglo-Saxon culture. However, we can support someone else’s work in a skillful way that has nothing to do with dishonesty, but it allows us to learn how to write in English faster. So download – but with your head.

Model yourself on the best

Read books by English-speaking writers and articles from the English press. Use quotes in your English essay, remembering to give the author. Pay attention to useful expressions and English phrases that people use for whom English is their native language. Get inspired with other people’s ideas. There is nothing wrong with that, until you copy them literally, without adding anything from yourself.

Check on the Internet

Wondering how to construct a sentence in your English essay? Check the dictionary of sentence constructions with a given word in the dictionary and adapt them to your needs. Search the Internet for examples of using phrases and expressions and transform them as you fit. Remember that if you found something in the search engine, it does not mean that it is the correct form. However, if there are many such results, it is very likely that the given expression is often used.

Learn from colleagues

Do you need to write an e-mail in English at work? Ask a more experienced colleague for a pattern and adapt it to your needs. If you can, compare your written work with colleagues’ essays – of course, provided you are not in the exam. Get useful phrases from the better ones, notice the weak ones.

And here’s our small cheat sheet – phrases useful when writing an essay in English:

  • in my opinion
  • frankly speaking
  • in my point of view
  • it seems to me that
  • without a doubt
  • I strongly believe
  • first of all
  • on the other hand
  • in spite of
  • but the point is
  • for example
  • in other words
  • however
  • although
  • so
  • for this reason
  • it’s a sum up
  • all in all
  • last but not least
  • finally

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