How to write an essay about society?


Often school graduates and students have great difficulty in preparing an essay on society and philosophy. This is especially noticeable when writing exam papers, when the time is very limited and there is no possibility to use auxiliary literature. Therefore, in order not to be in a difficult situation on the exam, you must master the algorithm of writing an essay in advance.


Educational essays on social topics are usually written in the disciplines of “social sciences”, “philosophy” or “history”. Their main purpose is to demonstrate the student’s ability to consider social issues and analyze their essence. The main difficulty for the student is the ability to clearly describe a specific social problem and formulate his position on it.

Despite the lack of strict structure requirements, an essay, as well as any educational or scientific work, should contain three clearly defined parts: introduction, main part and ending. In the introduction, the author formulates the main problem and purpose of his essay, its main part is devoted to the actual presentation of the problem and the author’s point of view, and the conclusion sums up the above. It is very important to maintain this structure in scientific work.

Before you start writing, you should determine what exactly you want to say in your essay, what its main idea will be. The formulated idea should be saved separately on the sketch, leaving free space for notes and additions. Then prepare the plan of the main part, highlighting the main points with separate points.

It is necessary to start writing an essay about the draft, leaving enough space between the lines for subsequent editions. You can rewrite the finished job only after re-reading and making all corrections.

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