Does A Research Proposal Have a Table of Contents? Find Out Here


Tips to Come Up With a Table of Contents for Your Proposal

Students often worry about whether they have included all the necessary sections in their proposals. However, this concern is not as common for proposals submitted for academic purposes. Some instructors may choose to request the proposal to have a table of contents. Nevertheless, others recommend that scholars submit their papers with the complete proposal intact.

Here are some of the vital aspects you must ensure are present in your table of contents.

Title Page

The title page contains all details of your article, including name, email address, learner’s name, and course title. The page should indicate each section’s relevance to the research topic and subsection. For example, it could include:

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

You can use another page to add additional content about the procedures and findings, or write a bibliography. A bibliography offers a list of all external sources used in the writing process and any citations you have used. You may want to add your name as an author.

Appendix A

As mentioned above, a proposal has a table of contents. However, it is often omitted in school assignments. Before writing the document, you can consider including it, but a good academic proposal should be written without the appendix. Note that many institutions may require you to include the appendix in your document. This is usually done to accommodate the different formatting requirements and styles for each school. Thus, it should be optional if you are confident that your institution does not require you to write it.

Table of Content

When applying for university or college places, the recommended table of content to apply contains the prerequisites, current publication date, formatting instructions, and recent reports used. In case you are a grad student, you can add a detailed bibliography to the pages of the introduction. Nonetheless, if the professor has not requested a table of contents, you may not need to add this information.

Supplementary Data

The information to include in this section is already in the title page. However, in case your curriculum calls for it, you can include other sections that are relevant to the proposed study. For example, it might include a brief explanation of the procedures used. You can also create a bibliography from previously published literature and other resources that have substantial information to add.


Like most academic documents, you must indicate all the external sources used in your paper. However, this information is not needed in your proposal. Nevertheless, you can include the references in the section for your bibliography. Therefore, you can be sure that all the sources used have been cited appropriately.

Last but not least, Modern Language Association.

Do you have a fresh pair of eyes? Use this section to check if you have the latest edition of MLA or any other formal citation style used in colleges and universities.

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